Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Conference weekend!

On the bus with my companion Elder Velez
     This week was a very good week!  Wow - conference was amazing.  I was shocked at the announcement that was made Saturday morning with the new age for missionaries, but I felt the Spirit so strong, knowing that we will be having an increase of missionaries to spread this great gospel to all the world!!  I Love my Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart and draw nearer to him each and everyday. 
     I have 2 stories to share with you. Tuesday morning we woke up and had no appointments until 1:00 so we needed to go knock on some doors. We walked around for an hour with no luck. Elder Velez and I said a prayer that we could be directed to find someone that would let us into their home. We were led down the street about 4 or 5 blocks which led us to an empty street with no houses.  We were wondering why we were led here.  We turned and headed back the direction from which we came.  We felt an impression to stop at the first house we passed.  We knocked and waited and finally got an answer.  A young woman named Ana came to the door, she's in her mid 20's.  She seemed a bit shocked to see a white guy standing at her door!  We told her who we were and that we had a message that we wanted to share with her.  She invited us in and we taught her about the Restoration.  The Spirit filled my soul as I spoke on prophets and the Book of Mormon.  I bore my testimony of it and I could see in her eyes that she knew there was something different about this message.  We challenged her to read Moroni's promise and pray.  She accepted our offer and we are visting her this week.  We are praying hard that she can find it in her heart to not cast out this message and to have an open heart. 
     The second story I share was 2 hours after conference had finished.  On Sunday we were asked to go to the hospital and give a blessing.  We were going with a recent convert who used to live a troubled life and had recently received the priesthood. When we arrived at the hospital, my heart sank as I saw that the hospital was filthy.  The rooms were crowded and a lot of people were suffering.  I felt many eyes cast upon us as we bear the name Jesus Christ on our shirt.  We went to a room of an 18 year old girl who had been in a bike accident an had had bleeding in her pancreas. This recent convert anointed the oil and he did very well and we were proud of him.  I knew how he felt, he was so thrilled to do that.  Elder Velez gave the blessing and I felt the Spirit so strong!  Her mother stood at the foot of the bed with tears rolling down her cheeks.  She was able to feel comfort through the priestdood and of the Spirit. 
     I have a testiomony of the priesthood of God!  We have the authority on earth to heal the sick, perform ordinances, and to act in the name of Jesus Christ.  I love this work, there is no more important work on earth then bringing others unto Christ.  I know that my Redeemer lives!
     Have a great week.

Elder Aiken

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