Tuesday, October 30, 2012

God's protection!

      Monday was p-day and we played soccer longer than usual.  Soccer is big here in Mexico.  My legs are returning quite nicely - I scored 2 goals!
    My companion had to leave for Leon recently to re-sign his visa. I had to go with him to the bus station and then to the zone leaders house to stay there for the night, so I was allowed to take a taxi alone to the zone leaders which was only about 15 minutes away. We were driving to their area and as we were getting close I saw the zone leaders walking down a street, so I told the driver to pull over and I would get out. I got out and went back to the street where they were walking, but they weren't there anymore. My heart dropped, as I had no way to call them because I had no phone! I kept looking and they were nowhere to be found. I was pretty nervous at this point because it was starting to get a little dark and a white guy walking in a scary neighborhood in a different country is never good! I felt the urge to pray so I said a prayer in my heart that I would find them. I felt a very comforting feeling and two minutes later they walked out of their house at the direct moment I was passing it! Such an answer to prayer! I was so filled with joy as I knew God had heard my prayer and had lead me to be there at that precise moment! 
     I´m really loving it here in San Luis Potosi! It's beautiful and the people are so great here! I even found 3 flies in my soup recently and didn't freak out!  
     I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Tanner Aiken

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