Monday, October 1, 2012

Cow eye soup???

     Hello family!  Wow what a week, a week of many different emotions!  This week was tough but very spiritual.
     To start things out, I got a stomach infection from the food, spent a lot of time in the bathroom, and I also had some pretty rough headaches but I went to the doctor and have medicine now! 

     My first area I'm serving in is called San Luis, in the branch Benito Juarez.  After being here for a week I have realized how fortunate we are. These people have very very little but yet give so much out of love. The people here are so incredibly nice, it´s amazing!  Benito Juarez is a very poor area, the streets are of dirt, the houses are run down no carpet even sometimes no tile. I´m lucky enough to have a shower and I live in the bishop's house!  He´s a very nice man! My companion is Elder Velez from Ecuador who doesn´t speak a lick of English but has a strong understanding of the gospel! 

     We taught quite a few people this week but two in particular were very special. Guadalupe and her husband Juan own a very small clothing store.  We were approaching their store to teach them and we saw Juan at the front of the store diligently reading his Book of Mormon.  I had a special feeling from the spirit that we should teach about the plan of salvation.  We sat them down and began to teach. It was my turn to speak and I beacme nervous, but then the spirit overcame me and I felt confidence and  I taught my part.  My companion and I  both began to bear our testimonies and their eyes lit up, and the spirit was very strong!  We are hoping to have a bapstimal date for them in two weeks! 
     The Book of Mormon has struck very deep in me and I have a firm testimony of its words and it´s teachings! I have a firm testimony also of the expiacion or Atonement in English. The love I have for my Savior and for His suffering for me and for those of the world is great. God loves all of His children white, black, brown, rich or poor. We can return to Him through His plan. 
     Here in Benito Juarez it is very hard to find new investigators because everyone is Catholic!!  When we knock on the doors they always tell us two return in the afternoon the next day and we never see them again! 
     I love the food here in Mexico, the only part that's wierd is that you have tortillas for every meal, and the meal consists of potatoes, rice, pica, and the tortillas!  Wow, I thought we had spicy food in america and was I mistaken! Yesterday we were eating cow eye soup and it lit me up!!!  The members all laugh because I´m the gringo with the weak stomach!  There is a plus to being the gringo because every house I go to I get to have some Coke!   
     Also there are dogs everywhere probably about 20 each street! The driving here is ridiculous, absolutely no laws.  My first time in a car I thought for sure I was going to die!  I´m having a great time here in Mexico though it's pretty hot here!  My companion is pretty funny. I ask if we can turn the fan on in the night and he tells me no because if you have the fan on at night you can get diseases ha ha! 
     Have a good week!  Love you all!!

Elder Aiken

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