Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

     Hello everyone! This week went really well! We had the woman from the bread shop attend church with us this week. It was a perfect week to have her attend! We had a class talking about how to obtain a testimony about the Book of Mormon and many recent converts bore testimony on how they have obtained a testimony even though they had thought the bible was the only word of God! After the meeting we had a talk with her and she loved it! During our last meeting she began to cry as we talked about eternal families. I could feel the spirit testifying of the truthfulness of this Gospel and eternal families! 

     This week we have also found 3 new families that we are teaching. Elder Ruiz and I are really applying what it says in Preach My Gospel and that is talk to everyone! We are teaching a man named Roberto currently who doesn't have a belief in Jesus Christ but is a very humble man. He works on a ranch from from the city and doesn't earn much money. We found him as we were searching for a reference from the bishop. We asked him for directions to the house of this reference and he was very nice and directed us to it. We arrived at the house of the reference but no one was there. Elder Ruiz and I had a firm feeling from the spirit that we needed to go back an contact him. He's kind of a hard looking guy and my first thought was that he probably wouldn't let us in, but what I have learned in the mission is not to deny the power of God or to judge anyone! We approached him and said we had message that would bless his life, and without even a hesitation he let us in the door. We spoke about his beliefs, about our Savior Jesus Christ, God's plan, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He was so open to hear all of this and was so excited to hear something different than his beliefs, and to know he had a Father in Heaven who loved him and sent his son Jesus Christ that we may once again be able to live with Him again! We have taught him twice and he is really enjoying our message and his faith is growing as he reads and prays. 
     I was reading in the Liahona this week and was just thinking how grateful I am to have the Atonement in my life and how we can apply to every aspect of our lives. Truly the greatest sacrifice this world has ever known and will ever be! As I apply the Atonement every day of my life I feel my personal spiritual growth and closer towards my Father in Heaven. As I have said before I have never felt closer to my Father in Heaven than I have right now or relied on him this much in my life. I personally testify that we can all repent whether we have done something small or something grave through sincere repentance we can obtain forgiveness! I hope you all have a great week and a very Happy New Year I also hope that we make it our personal resolution in 2013 to be stronger and more willing to serve our neighbors and friends and of course when we do these things we please our Father and Heaven!

Elder Tanner Aiken

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