Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First week in the MTC!

     The MTC has been great so far! I have learned so much and I feel so much closer to our Heavenly Father.  We have Spanish class for 6 hours a day and gospel classes for about another 6. I love this gospel!  Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much! 
     We had a great talk yesterday from Elder Pinegar an Area Seventy.  He was talking about how the Lord has called us to where he needs us. He talked of an elder who had always known he would serve his mission in Toronto, Canada, but when he opend his call is was to Hong Kong, China. He told his dad this is not where I'm supposed to go, I know I'm suppposed to go to Canada. His dad told him you go where you are called until the President of the Church makes a change, that's where you will serve! He went to the MTC and learned the Chinese language then went out to the field. When he got there, he told the mission president to keep him close to the mission home because he said I'm going to be transferred to Canada. The mission president told him the exact thing that his father told him, that he will serve where he has been called until the the prophet calls him to make a change. So the elder served his mission will all his heart. About a month left in his mission, his mission president called him and said pack your bags and come to the mission home! When he arrived he saw five other elders with their bags packed. The mission looked at him with a smile and said you're being transferred, the Lord needs you in Toronto, Canada to teach 5 Mandarin Chinese couples! When his mission in Canada was over he had finished by baptizing those 5 couples! It's so awesome to see how the lord works in mysterious ways. 
     I know that this church is true and our Father in Heaven knows each and everyone of us. He's their to comfort us in our pains and there to rejoice with us when we are obedient. Pray to him often and he will bless your life!! It's been such an awesome experience so fa,r besides sharing a room with 6 elders for one that is meant for 4, it's awesome! 
     I played basketball with Harvey Langi the other day totally took him to the rim! Ball-in! My spanish is coming along, I already know how to say a prayer, bare my testimony, and I have taught an investigator three times! Everyone have a great week! Love you all!!

Elder Tanner Aiken

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