Monday, January 20, 2014

Miracle baptism!

Woa - boa!!!
     Hello everyone! Things are going great out here in Firebaugh...the "city of dreams"! This week we were able to see some great miracles. The Lord has been blessing our area tremendously and we have seen His hand in this work.  
Elder Castaneda and feel that we are on a roll right now, and are in a pretty good rhythm. 
     This week we had the baptism of one of our investigators. We had one of the most powerful lessons with her as we taught her and her mom about the nature of God. After a few minutes of talking about the pre-mortal life, I looked at Priscilla and asked her if she had known that she was a daughter of God who loved her? The room went quiet. I could see in Priscilla's eyes a change. The Spirit began to testify to her heart that what we were teaching was true and she began to cry. As we sat there a few moments, we talked about baptism and asked her if she feels ready to be baptized this Sunday, she nodded her head and said yes. As we talked after the lesson was over, she said that "after having studied with 4 other churches, this is the firs time I have come to the knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and that He knows me personally.  It was the first time I have ever felt a feeling like the one I just felt." My testimony has grown time and time again on my mission of the power of the Spirit who is the true converter. We as missionaries can only try to build an environment where the Holy Ghost can be present, and then we let the Spirit take over. 
     As we where preparing for her baptism this week we got a call from one of our members saying that she might not be able to get baptized this week because her mom was going to be working. Her mom only gets one Sunday off a month. My heart sank! I was thinking to myself we have worked hard, we have done all that we can, what else do we need to do? Elder Castaneda and I began to pray that the Lord would allow her mom to get work off so that Priscilla could come to the baptism and her mom would be present. We prayed for the next couple days and on Saturday morning we received a text during our personal study from that same member saying that Priscilla's mom had gotten work off. Elder Castaneda and I jumped out of chairs and fell to our knees and thanked the Lord for this miracle. I knew that He would deliver. I know that God answers prayers. 

     After the baptism was performed on Sunday, we went over to their home to have dinner. We began to ask Priscilla's mom how she had felt at the baptism and she said she had felt the Spirit and that she knows that this is the true church. When she said that we immediately invited her to be baptized on the 2nd of February which will be her next Sunday off. She said, "yes, I will be ready." 
     The Lord gave us a wonderful week, he has used us as instruments in His hands to do his work. Such a great week, one that I will never forget! God lives, this church is true! Have a great week! Love you all.   

Elder Tanner Aiken

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