Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On the road again...

     Hello everyone! This was a great week, travel-training has been one of my favorite callings on my mission. Living out of your suitcase, sleeping on a roll up mat on the floor, eating other missionaries food, what else could you ask for right?? Well that is obviously not what it's about at all, it has been a calling of service and teaching. It has been a great experience to have the spirit teach me things that I never really understood before. I have felt as I have been teaching that the Lord has endowed me with strength and spiritual power.
     This week I was able to travel up north to Turlock and Riverbank just about 1 1/2 hours from Fresno. Then I was able to finish the week in my old area of Reedley where I found out that one of our recent converts had passed away from cancer. I was so sad but then I thought to myself that I know the Plan of Salvation, she was baptized and she will be just fine!! As I came back to Reedley I was able to feel the love of the members once again and of former people that I had taught. 

     I was paired with two great Elders. We started off our day on Wednesday teaching a few lessons. It came to about 3:00 when I was asked by one Elder what people we could go and see! Instantly in my mind I was brought back to a family that we had taught that had two daughters that were very interested, but were always scared of commitment. As I told Elder Nye where to go, we arrived and went and knocked on their door. I was not even sure if they lived there anymore, but to my surprise one of the daughters answered the door! She shouted to her dad and to her sister "Elder Aiken is back!! You'll never believe it! They asked where had we been and why we had stopped visiting them. We sat down and began to talk about how they still felt about meeting with the missionaries? They ran to their bedrooms and brought out their Book of Mormon. We taught them a powerful lesson on prayer and how God communicates to us through the Holy Ghost! We invited them to be baptized in August and the 2 daughters accepted a date, they also committed to come to church for the first time! Yesterday both of them showed up and loved it! I was struck by the spirit as I was grateful to have been in Reedley at that time.
     I know that President Clark is an inspired Mission President! I know that God knows where we need to be just at the right moment! This work is true! If it were possible I would extend my mission for 6 more months!! This has been the greatest experience of my life!! 
     Have a great week.

Elder Tanner Aiken