Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm leaving Reedley...

     Hello Everyone!  This week has been very exciting, but also sad.  This week I am leaving Reedley after 7 months!  I will miss these people dearly.  I will never forget any of them! Reedley has that home-like feeling to me and will definitely be missed! I have been called to serve as Zone Leader, serving in the Fresno West Zone.  Elder Pazmino and I were pretty much brothers so it will be sad to see us be split up! The Lord blessed us tremendously! I am looking forward to the new experiences and change. 
     This week also had some sad news.  One of my favorite investigators, who I have come to love dearly, is from the Philippines.  Her name is Thelma and this week her father died.  She was planning on getting baptized on October 6th, but because of the news, she was planning to go to the funeral in the Philippines.  The day after her father died, she had an appointment with the doctor.  She had a CAT scan and doctors found spots of cancer on her lungs and brain!  When I heard the news my heart ached!  I thought how could this be, this woman was doing all she could to make these changes in her life!  Why now?  Why this?  I was crushed. Her plans of being baptized have taken a back seat for now! I  remember hearing that talk by Elder Holland when he said, "Salvation is not easy, how can we think it would be when it was never easy for Christ".  We cannot come to the knowledge of the truth until we walk through some trials, heartaches and struggles! 

This is President Freeman.  He was my father's companion in upstate New York!
     This week I have come to feel a strong strong love for Jesus Christ!  He lives, I know it!!! He suffered for each and everyone of us because he saw our worth!  He knew our Father's plan for us!  Never surrender!  No regrets!  Love you all.  Have a great week!

Elder Tanner Aiken

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  1. What a sweet letter! How awesome the new assignment! You must be so proud of him! He is doing fantastic!