Monday, February 25, 2013

"I will do as the Lord commands!"

     Wow!  It's been a week words cannot describe! 
     This week we have been working really, really hard. As a district we focused on getting investigators to church this week. We got 17 to church on Sunday which was the mark set last March so we really got on track this week. As a companionship we have 14 new investigators and have set the record as a district with 23 new investigators this week! We have three dates for baptism for March! 
     My birthday (Feb. 23) happened to be the best day of my life I think. Our companionship received a call from President Gelwix in the morning during companionship study.  Since it was the day of transfers we were all excited to see where we would be going. President Gelwix said that he was calling us out of love for the Lord has great things planned for us. Then he said, "Elder Aiken, son, what would you say if the Lord gave you an assignment that would be tough and would require your best efforts?" I said, "President, I will do as the Lord commands!" He then said, "Elder Aiken the Lord has called you to be District Leader in the Hanford, California zone."  That is two and a half hours south of Modesto. I am very excited for this new calling and look forward to being a leader and loving those around me!!
     I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Tanner Aiken

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